Just like other days it was the time to visit my folks, so I reach the station luckily on time enough to board my train but before I could do so; I couldn’t resist my habit of buying a book before a journey. So I wander around book stall, before I could decide, here in front is the book which I saw yesterday when I was going back to hostel.So without any second thoughts I bought that book a small book quite affordable. My train arrived I sat on my seat and folded my legs to dive deep into the book.

Sometimes, something’s have so perfect timing in your life that you couldn’t help but believe in destiny or the force in universe trying to help you.  Well, the book that changed my life forever was none other then “Who will cry when you will die?”

Time and again when I feel that my life is falling apart then I look forward to this book, this book is compilation of small small lessons that can help you discover what life is about and compels you to question the purpose of your existence.

Here is my compilation of habit that has helped me transformed my life :

  • Get Up Early than you do

Trust me I wasn’t a big fan of getting early, I am an night owl and will always be, but once i started getting up bit early then my usual time. My stress level has dipped down and who doesn’t want to be less stressful. Furthermore, icing on the cake is getting early helps you to have better mood. So Early Mornings means Happy Mornings !!

  • Drink fresh fruit juice daily

This habit no doubt  makes you feel good, since you are thinking a fair bit for you body the temple to your soul. This book totally reflected that a good soul can reside inside a healthy body. So either try to invest in good blender or have a walk and go to juice vendor and drink the juice. One personal tip try drinking with the pulp without straining and you are not going to regret it.

  • Experience solitude

Solitude is a blessing. In this fast pacing life in order to sort our priorities we do need some time free just for us, to think about oneself, to figure out your focus. Take a notebook with you  and sit in ark to figure out the main goal. To quote Robin Sharma,

Something magical happens when you write down your goals on paper

  • Create Playlists

We all know what is feels to listen to right music just right  for the moment. Not only this habit will cheer you up but will put quality of life. So make sure you make a playlist of songs that inspires you and have the power to lift your mood. Hi matey, get serious about listening  songs, make it a ritual.

  • Practice tough love

Don’t get anxious, its nothing but the self love which can be referred to as “tough love”. To be more precise by self love I meant, self discipline. This habit of disciplining yourself will definitely create quality life and gives you purpose. I know its the hardest but take baby steps to reach the goal.