“Thank God, She is leaving ! “ She said.

I had no clue accidentally I heard my back bitching and past for four years all I did was adore her as my elder sister; she was my landlord’s daughter. Being more than just a tenant, through their thick and thin but all in vain indeed.I got a consolation prize, to hear my bitching. Well I am Mayra who just completed her Graduation and  unlike any other student it’s time for me to shift to some new place for job. For past four year this place was home to me, and it is bit nostalgic for me to move out but thanks to my landlords they made it easier.

Past one month was nothing but restless month for me as I just gave my exams and waited for my joining letter, little did I know that who were more restless for me were my landlords.They were eagerly waiting for me to “get it over with”. Well not an issue, every landlord- tenant had that kind of relationship, what’s new ? well here is the new thing , past four year excluding the last month, they were all nicety nice and now what I hear mostly by chance is them bitching  about me either to their friends or the maid.

But every time I hear this kind of thing,  my mind is occupied with all these questions. How should I react? Is it my problem or theirs? If it is my problem, what I do wrong? And if it is their, what can I do? It’s quite sad and disturbing to hear bad things about yourself. I am sure many of you must have faced this situation one way or the other.

So what to do? “ No Fuck Attitude” or to be a bit sophisticated “Take the high road” very cliche don’t you think, this is not the whole story.You need to think  it while smirking and exploring the reasons why could you have been so important to their life. Furthermore, since you are that much important to other people’s life, why not channelize that incident to something creative, , create a parody, comic sketch or paint about how you felt listening all this a masterpiece of emotions or write the way I am doing right now. Make this moment count and let it make you more stronger and still humbler. Well I read this and made it my mantra for my haters.

Dear Haters,

I am flattered that I am always trending in your life

Likely you can choose something to, still not convinced? Give it a try.

So what did I do to feel better about this whole scene? Well, I gave them a box of chocolates, seriously any hardships can be forgotten with chocolates so do the hardship of putting up with me through these four years too. As I told you humble and taking the high road, that moment gave me immense happiness, assurance that I needed “After all  I am not that bad person”.