She walked out just like that. She wanted that and it happened.

As Amelie was moving from her boyfriend’s apartment, she saw that bench where she first met him, and the same place where he later asked her to move in with him. It’s been three year since then and all she could remember after that moment of  him asking her out, was endless fights, awkward silences and deadlock of blaming each other.

As Amelie walked, she realized this is what she wanted after all,  for the past few months all she wanted was  to get out of that choking relationship. Then why the hell she is feeling this burden, and flashback of the memories and regret cycle.

I guess many of us have been in one of these situations, time and again. And to top it with more complications it makes us doubt the decision, whether  it’s good or bad. So how to figure out  whether it’s a good or bad decision. The answer is , simply don’t.

Might sound cliche but the truth is everything happens for a reason, if it was good decision it leads to a blessing and otherwise as a lesson. It happened with me once…. oh sorry, it happened  with me a lot , I was under this constant loop, the thought process of what to do, did I take the right decision or is it a mistake. But now when I look at all those life turning moments, I think this quote summarizes at best,

No matter how impossible,unattainable, or unimaginable something may seem.. if it’s meant to be it will be.

I guess the key to deal with all those moments, specially the moment when you are emotionally weak is to try not to think too much. I know it doesn’t happen, but yeah that’s life and that’s the only way to deal with it. Try to watch something that’s you always wanted to see or do something that;s been waiting on your bucket list for too long, not only it helps you to distract your mind but helps you find new perspective. Trust me perspective is everything !

As for Amelie, while she walked out of the relationship to her new apartment and her new life. It took her few days to settle in. There were times  when she missed him but never wanted to give up on what she had now. With time Amelie discovered new life, made new friends.

After a month, she got a call and she picked it,

“Hi” said Josh. It was Josh her boyfriend..sorry,  her ex-boyfriend.

She said ” Hello, Josh.How are you ?”

“Missing you”

Amelie  smiled and smirked.

Josh said ” Amelie, I am sorry.You were right. Do you want to reconcile things back ?”

After a pause, Amelie said ” It’s great Josh, you realized your mistake but sorry we are not meant to be together. It’s a no from me. So please move on.”

And she hung the phone,she could feel that level of adrenaline , that wave of happiness within her body and soul. Today she felt the liberating feeling she was longing for so long. She smiled and got out  of the apartment,  since she was getting late for her ballet lessons.