“Role Model, what’s that ?” I asked dad

“Someone to look forward, someone whom you admire and aspire to be ” he answered.

It’s been years and trust me, even now I haven’t found “The Role Model”.To be honest it is really difficult to find someone who has same interest and passion just like me and as a result I wasn’t able to identify  the one who is doing or has done exactly similar work that I do or I aspire to do. So, with time I found many people who inspired me, I read about various people to look forward to but I often doubt myself whether I will be able to do what I want to because no one seems to follow that path ever.

After lot of self doubt I realized, why do we even need to look forward  to someone? Further, why don’t parents teach us to explore the inner soul or conscious?

But to make the scenario even worse we rather follow the footsteps of random person because he or she is successful and therefore it might be the way to become successful and socially accepted. It is an endless trail in India,  many students appear for exams in which they are not even interested in, because to them the definition of ” Being Successful” revolves around passing certain exam and getting certain degree.

But the sad truth of all is even if you get passed and became the copy of that so called Role model. Then also you will be compromising on your happiness unless and until that particular job resonates with your passion or in simple words “That job is a exciting reason for waking up.”

So, the in nutshell I believe in the stride to become unique rather than blindly follow the route defined by someone else and which is suitable for someone else. I know it takes gut to follow to what you truly believe in and to pursue, when even you own parents are against you, but I guess that’s the journey everyone has to follow when one’s happiness is at stake.

PS: Stay Tuned to identify your passions and how to live creatively, lessons from the book” The Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert.